Shirani Family – San Juan Bautista Shoot

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Shirani Family – San Juan Bautista Shoot

The Shirani family are great friends of ours. We had talked for so long about setting up a photo shoot, but couldn’t get our schedules together. Finally, we set up a meet in beautiful and historic San Juan Bautista. We had a great time because everything we needed was within walking distance and the weather was perfect. The recent rains had just stopped, the sun was shining but it was still cloudy (the best weather for

photography as sunlight gets diffused and harsh shadows are avoided). The Shirani’s also did a great job in coordinating their outfits and bringing along items that have special meaning to them. However, as time was short we didn’t get to use all of them. Oh well, the results were still great and we have something to look forward for on our next shoot. 🙂



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